The Lovers

Love is at the center of what we offer. Not a wanting kind of love, but a love from an open heart and hand in hand with compassion and understanding.

It is only with the heart that one can see clearly; what is essential is invisible to the eye.

Antoine de

Patrick Anderson
photo 1Love is at the center of who I am and what I offer.

As a child, I was blessed with two incredibly loving parents and an amazingly tender and caring older brother. There was so much love in my life, and I felt incredibly nourished and safe.

In my early years, I also experienced great hardship and painful loss. Navigating those challenges turned out to be a blessing in disguise – it helped me to find my own internal pathways to love and wellbeing.

This solid grounding allowed me to discover how much love I have in my heart, and to begin sharing that love with the people around me.

In my 20s, I lived and studied closely with spiritual teacher Michael Barnett. Supported by the authenticity of his teaching and that community, I gradually was able to perceive the love that is everywhere – love as a fundamental quality of the universe; love as an essential element of every being, every molecule…

In my 30s, I completed a Masters degree in Peace and Conflict Resolution. Since that time, I have devoted myself to living love as a practice – and to helping others discover and live from that place too. In these endeavors, I have been supported by my studies with spiritual teacher Jeannie Zandi and Daoist master Zhenzan Dao.

I feel that I have been given a precious gift – to perceive, embody and share love. Through the joys and heartbreaks of my life, I have taken every opportunity to hone this gift into a practice to share with others.

I would be honored to share it with you.

Duija Ros
Duija portFor as long as I can remember, the only thing of interest to me has been discovering who I truly am, in the deepest sense.

In the end, what I found was that I am part of Universal Love. Since then, I have worked on embodying and living from that place.

Slowly I have encountered my demons, my little places, my scared parts and I feel mostly empty of anything that is in the way of the Love that I am.

So life became simple. Everything is welcome, there is no good or bad. Sometimes there is something here that is uncomfortable, but as long as I rest in that place of Love, the only thing necessary is to acknowledge what is here and hold space.

Through working with battered woman and people in crisis situations, by facilitating meditation and energy work groups and by giving Cradle Therapy sessions for 5 years, I have gained a lot of experience in supporting people through any kind of hardship.

More and more I feel that my work is to hold space for people to become more authentically who they really are.

It is so clear to me that we are all one being and that everybody is hopelessly human and beautifully divine. When we can stand there and accept ourselves as both - vulnerable, without hiding - there is no end to our compassion and no end to our love.

Let me show you that place.