Relationship Coaching

Love is never lost. If not reciprocated, it will flow back and soften and purify the heart.

Washington Irving

Relationship Coaching

White fluffy flowersEvery relationship you have can be a portal to a deeper understanding, to a stronger connection with yourself and others.

You may judge yourself because of the challenges that arise in your relationships – but in fact, those challenges are a good thing! They are an opportunity to learn about yourself – about the patterns that influence your behavior, and the way out of those patterns.

It can be very difficult, in relationship, to see yourself and the situation clearly, because relationships trigger our blind spots, casting us into places where we feel young, vulnerable, and where we are usually not very skillful. At times we may feel almost paralyzed by fear, anger, a need to withdraw… To navigate these waters, it can be very helpful to work with people you trust, who can support you to feel and understand what is going on, and to stand by you when challenges arise.

In our Relationship Coaching sessions, we offer exactly this kind of clear, loving support and guidance. We focus on the places in you that are touched by the other person, help you to get to know those places, share them with the other, and thereby create deeper intimacy and trust.

The sessions support you to know and accept yourself for who you are – in all your glory and vulnerability. This authenticity is the foundation of giving and receiving love.

We offer Relationship Coaching to individuals (with one coach) and couples (with two coaches).
We welcome clients of all genders and sexual orientation.