Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.


Heart Release with Patrick

Bonnie HeartIf we want to feel and share love, we need to give attention to our heart. Direct attention.

Heart Release sessions are a gentle yet powerful opportunity to explore your heart space. From a place of deep relaxation and ease, of feeling at peace with yourself, you will be able to make real contact with your heart, discover what it needs to receive, and what it wants to release.

Using guided meditation and gentle touch, I will support you every step of the way, in an atmosphere of complete love and trust. As you heart opens, the results can be amazing, with insights and breakthroughs that will open up new realms of possibility in your life and relationships.

Heart Release is for anyone looking to deepen their heart connection and capacity for love, or to find new inspiration in their life or work. It is particularly helpful for those who heal or care for others.

Life Coaching with Patrick

River pathAs we walk our path in life, at times we find ourselves at a crossroads. A new path is calling – but in which direction does it lie? These times can be a turning point leading to new opportunities, new ways of being – if we can find our way.

These crossroads show up in our lives in various ways. It could be a feeling of restlessness or frustration; a burst of new energy or creativity that we don’t know what to do with; feeling attracted to a new person or group of people; or simply feeling lost, not knowing who we are right now, or what we are called to do…

In my Life Coaching sessions, I will help you recognize the opportunity that is being presented to you – to change something in your life and take your first steps on a new path. In a space of complete confidentiality, support and trust, you can feel at ease to look candidly at your life and make choices that will open you to new horizons.

Together we will explore this new territory, moving carefully from A to B – allowing space to discover and integrate the hurdles that arise along the way. So that you can walk with confidence, your feet firmly on the ground, toward the life you are longing to live.

Life Coaching sessions are available in person, and also by phone, Skype or FaceTime. Please see the booking page for more details.

Cradle Therapy with Duija

Cradle Therapy squareOne of the most important things for the heart is being allowed to relax totally. In a Cradle Therapy session I will hold you for an hour with absolute love and support, so you can let go of everything.

By holding you I give you a place to be totally safe and accepted. The physical contact grounds you in your body so you can fall into a place of deep belonging.

What comes up when we stop for a while is often surprising. Renewed contact with yourself, insights and releasing of emotions are common.

I am skilled at guiding you into a quiet place and in holding space for anything that comes up. People always feel very loved and are often surprised how quickly they feel safe with me.

Embodying Wholeness with Duija

Water Lilies squareWhen we feel stuck in patterns, feel disconnected, or are often feeling triggered, we need to integrate some hurt parts of ourselves. Parts we had to cast away when we were children because we couldn’t handle the intensity of the feelings involved.

As adults we still carry these hidden parts with us. They get triggered in certain situations - we suddenly feel very small and upset and often react out of proportion.

The more we can get to know and integrate these parts, the more we can have our heart open and be present, and the more we can engage with life in a unprotected and trusting way.

By keeping our attention on these parts and letting all the feelings be here, we can slowly get to know them and discover what they need to finally come to rest.

In the Embodying Wholeness session I support you to focus on your inner world and help you embrace the hopelessly human and the divine expression that you are.

People feel usually very safe with me because I have unending patience and love for every part of humanity that wants to be known and seen and brought back to light.

Embodying Wholeness sessions are available in person, and also by phone or Skype. Please see the booking page for more details.